WB07 Series

Wall-Mounted Magnetic Boards

The WB07 Wall-Mounted Magnetic Boards are ideal for use in offices and homes to record important information or as a place to inspire, brainstorm and create. We’ve included features that help organize and de-clutter, such as mail and key holders. Whiteboards are easy to ship, making them the perfect item for online or offline resellers. Best of all, you’ll be helping customers become more organized while boosting your company’s profits!

Vigour Series
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 903x600mm (35.6"x23.6")
  • Material: Steel, Cork
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 600x452mm (23.6"x17.8")
  • Material: Steel, Cork
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 900x600mm (35.4"x23.6")
  • Material: Steel, Cork
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 450x600mm (17.7"x23.6")
  • Material: Steel, Cork
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 600x900mm (23.6"x35.4")
  • Material: Steel, Cork
  • Board Dimensions(WxH): 450x290mm (17.7"x11.4")
  • Material: Glass, 304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy