Infrared Remote Control Extender / Receiver

Suitable for all remote devices

The IR6000 allows you to hide any IR controlled component such as an amplifier, cable box, satellite receiver, DVD/CD player or any other component that is controlled by IR (Infrared) signal behind a door, in a media cabinet or in a nearby closet. Once installed, it will keep your display area neat and free from wire clutter. The unit consists of 1 receiver which picks up the signal from the Infrared remote control and confirms the IR signal with a confirmation LED to the user. The signal is passed to the hidden equipment and transmitted to the emitter that is adhered to the component’s IR receiving location. Requires 5V USB DC Power Supply (not included) or can be powered by the USB port found on any nearby device such as cable boxes or smart TV.
Easy to install:
1. Plug the USB connector into a USB Wall Plug or Powered USB Port found on any nearby device.
1. Use the double-sided adhesive to stick the receiver in a convenient location where the remote control will be used.
2. Stick the infrared emitter to the IR receiving area or “eye” of the component you want to control.
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