CC15/VS/SCS/CS Series
CC15/VS/SCS/CS Series

Flexible Cable Sleeve

Tangled and disorganized cables can drive you crazy and cause safety problem to your equipment. With a small investment in cable protective covers you can feel confident that your wiring is safe and secure for years to come. Ideal for keeping cords organized behind entertainment centers, desks, or anywhere wire and cable exists.

CC10 Series
CC10 Series

Cable Management Spine

Manage, hide, and store unsightly wires and cable in and around your desk. For home or office, these cable management products will give your work area a neat appearance while safeguarding you from potential trip hazards also offers protection from wire chewing pets or cable pulling children!


  • CC10-8
    Vertebrae Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-7
    Spiral Coil Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-6
    Oval Double-Channel Vertebra Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-5
    Transparent Trio Entry Vertebrae Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-4
    Transparent Quad Entry Vertebrae Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-3
    Cable Sleeve with Zipper
  • CC10-2
    Double-Channel Cable Management Spine
  • CC10-1
    Quad Entry Vertebrae Cable Management Spine
  • CC15-3
    Neoprene Cable Sleeve (150mm/5.9" Width)
  • CC15-2
    Neoprene Cable Sleeve (130mm/5.1" Width)
  • CC15-1
    Neoprene Cable Sleeve with Buckle & Zipper
  • VS-135
    Flexible Cable Wrap Sleeve with Velcro (135mm/5.3" Width)
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