CC13 Series
CC13 Series

Aluminum Floor Cable Cover

Are you trying to find a way to eliminate cable messes from pet or foot traffic? Here is the perfect solution for you. The aluminum material of these cable covers provided both solid construction and elegant appearance. To prevent the ducting from moving, you can attach double-sided tapes at the bottom. Also, the flexible lid design allows different ways to insert or remove the wires easily. Rugged end caps on two sides protected the entry and exit of cable runs. The products are ideal for home, office and workshops, easy to install and affordably priced.

CC09 Series
CC09 Series

Aluminum On-Wall Cable Cover

Wall cable covers are an affordable, functional, and attractive answer for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential surroundings. Conceal and route even the most complex cable arrangements with LUMI's new CC09 cable covers. Simply attach to the wall, secure cables and snap the tunnels onto the clips for a seamless appearance.


  • CC13-S75
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 754x92mm
  • CC13-S160
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 1604x92mm
  • CC13-S110
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 1104x92mm
  • CC13-L75
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 754x139mm
  • CC13-L160
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 1604x139mm
  • CC13-L110
    Aluminum Floor Cable Cover - 1104x139mm
  • CC09-KP01
    Aluminum Cable Cover - 500mm
  • CC09-110
    Aluminum Cable Cover - 1100mm
  • CC09-75
    Aluminum Cable Cover - 750mm
  • CC08-110
    Plastic Cable Cover - 1100mm
  • CC08-75
    Plastic Cable Cover - 750mm
  • CC05-50J
    Plastic Cable Cover Joint
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