PS Series
PS Series

Pop-Up Power Strip

The Pop-Up Power Strip is an excellent way to add power or data connectivity to a desk or conference table without sacrificing aesthetics. When not in use, this retractable strip sinks back into the desk for a clean, elegant look. Just one press at the top, it will rise to provide access to your AC power needs. Everything from basic, economical models to connection heavy, complex options are available, and most can be customized to meet your exact connectivity needs! You can easily install it wherever you can imagine – from the kitchen worktop, to conference table and even on the wall.

  • PS03-2
    Edge Clamp Power Strip- 2 USB ports
  • PS03-1
    Edge Clamp Power Strip
  • PS02-2
    Corner Power Strip-2 USB Ports
  • PS02-1
    Corner Power Strip
  • PS01-5
    Economic Pop-Up Power Strip
  • PS04-2
    Integrated Pop-Up Power Strip-2 USB Ports
  • PS04-1
    Integrated Pop-Up Power Strip
  • PS01-2
    Premium Pop-Up Power Strip-2 USB ports & SPD
  • PS01-1
    Premium Pop-Up Power Strip-4 USB ports
  • PS01-3
    Economic Pop-Up Power Strip-2 USB ports & SPD
  • PS01-7
    Economic Pop-Up Power Strip-SPD
  • PS01-4
    Economic Pop-Up Power Strip-2 USB Ports
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