STM Series
STM Series

Anti-fatigue Standing Mat

Anti-fatigue standing mats help you stand in an ideal posture for longer. They’re much-needed when you stand in place for more than a few hours of the day – whether it be at an office, in a kitchen, or in a factory. Browse our selection of ergonomic standing mats for a better way to work, starting from the ground up.

  • STM01-2
    20.1" x 39" Premium Anti-fatigue Standing Mat
  • STM02-5
    20.1" x 33.7" Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat
  • STM01-1
    20.1" x 30" Premium Anti-fatigue Comfort Standing Mat
  • STM02-4
    24" x 36" Anti-fatigue Standing Mat with Handle
  • best seller
    18" x 22" Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat with Handle
  • STM02-2
    21.7" x 36.2" Embossed Fusiform Pattern Anti-fatigue Standing Mat
  • STM02-1
    20.1" x 30.7" Embossed Floral Pattern Anti-fatigue Standing Mat
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