BS-C Series
BS-C Series

Classic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ever tired of the sound effect of your smartphone and tablet speaker, but also worried about the size of your normal music speaker? We now here offer you a variety of Bluetooth speakers that not merely serve as a speaker but also great company for entertainment. All of them are good in looking and unique in design. Some of them are pocket speakers to be taken everywhere when on the go!


  • BS03-45
    Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS03-44C
    Retro Vintage Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS03-44B
    Retro Vintage Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker
  • hot
    Retro Vintage Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS06-1
    Multicolor LED Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging
  • BS03-40
    Portable True Wireless Stereo Sound Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS03-42
    Tumbler True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS03-11
    Fabric Surface Bluetooth Speaker with Super Bass and Stereo Sound
  • BS03-12
    Portable Bluetooth Speaker with net
  • BS03-35
    2.1 Channel Fabric Surface Bluetooth Speaker
  • BS03-41
    Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker with LED Display Alarm Clock
  • BS03-39
    Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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